10 Easy Party Recipes

I love cooking and it makes me so happy when people enjoy my food. However, cooking for others can be pretty stressful. You want to make sure the food tastes good and still be able to entertain your guests when they arrive. I usually plan out at least 3-4 days, longer if it’s more than…

Apple Crumble Baked in Apple Cups

I’ve moved my blog! For the updated Apple Crumble Baked in Apple Cups Recipe, please visit my new blog at “Jan’s Food Steps“.

Eggless Vanilla Ice Cream + Strawberry Sauce

I can eat ice cream any day of the year but summer time is when I really crave for ice cream. And with so many gourmet ice cream shops popping up all over Vancouver, BC, I’m going broke trying to satisfy my ice cream cravings. This lead me on a journey to making homemade own…

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry season is here! Last year when I was gardening at the farm, I’d pick up pints of local organic strawberries to snack on. And if I can’t eat them fast enough, I’d make strawberry jam which I’d use to spread on toast, top vanilla ice cream or make my own fruit bottom yogurt cups….