Kimchi Fried Rice (김치볶음밥)

I couldn’t remember when was the first time I had kimchi fried rice, but I do remember it was so good that I wanted to try making it at home! Kimchi fried rice is actually quite easy to make so give this recipe a try. Since I’m making it at home, I can adjust the…

Tuna Onigiri (Rice Ball)

I’ve moved my blog! For the updated Tuna Onigiri Recipe, please visit my new blog at “Jan’s Food Steps“.

Sweet Soy Glazed Basa Fillet

I’ve moved my blog! For the updated Soy Glazed Basa Fillet Recipe, please visit my new blog at “Jan’s Food Steps“.

Chicken & Mango Curry

Prior to this curry recipe, the only curry I’d make is the Japanese curry from a box. Yes, A BOX! Glico’s curry are so convenient and yummy! However, I wanted to learn try making curry from scratch and started off with this easy Thai Yellow Coconut Curry with Mango recipe from Minimalist Baker. Since Mr….

Pork & Cabbage Gyoza (Dumplings)

When I was little I’d help wrap dumplings with my mom and grandma. My mother tells me I am a dumpling monster because I’d be able to eat 30 boiled dumplings at once. That sounds like a lot considering I can only eat about 10 for a meal now. I’m sure it was because I was…

Mapo Tofu (麻婆豆腐)

When I was off recovering after my chemo treatment, I had all afternoon to prepare dinner. Now that I’ve started to work at the office a couple days a week, I need to get back to preparing meals ahead of time and whipping up something quick for weekdays. Mapo tofu, a spicy minced pork and…