jan-vancouver-homecookThey say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and here’s my journey of finding out if this is true or not.

Growing up, I never had any interest in cooking. Watching my grandma & mom slaving away in the kitchen to put out several dishes, soup & rice turned me away, as it looked like so much work for meals that usually only last for 20 minutes at the table. Food was just an energy source. Plus my parents were more into quantity over quality, which made me think that as long as I am full and the food had decent nutritional value, I’m all set.

Of course things changed once I started dating Mr. Chau (now my husband). When we first started dating, we’d get our lunch (sandwiches mostly) from the cafe. I thought why not make our own sandwiches? The ones we buy seems easy enough to replicate, just some sliced deli meat and lettuces between 2 slices if bread. How hard can it be? And this is how I started exploring recipes & picking up cooking skills. 15 years later, I am still trying to get Mr. Chau’s approval on my cooking! He’s a tough critic but knowing that he prefers bringing my food for lunch instead of eating out means I am winning!

After being diagnosed with cancer and now going through the chemo treatments, I find that food and the kitchen is my safe place. No matter what my body goes through, physically or mentally, preparing and enjoying food always lift my spirits. I want to take this opportunity to further explore my passion for cooking and share what’s going on in my kitchen with others.

I will be posting recipes that I have tested & shortcuts or secrets to making dishes that are quick & easy. I hope this will inspire those that have an interest in learning how to cook, whether it’s for themselves or their loved ones.

Welcome to my kitchen, let the cooking begin!

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